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c) Require parallel plates to be constructed from
non-oleophilic materials such as fiberglass.  Arrange the
plates in either a downflow or crossflow mode so that the oil
collects in the high point of the corrugations and rises to
the top without clogging from settleable solids.  Dewatering.  Where dewatering is necessary and
contamination is suspected, test the groundwater prior to
construction to determine the extent of contamination.  If the
groundwater is, or has the potential to be, contaminated with
petroleum products, review state and local regulations for
acceptable treatment methods.  Permits may be required for
treatment and/or disposal of the water.  Some possible
treatment methods are:
a) Off-site disposal at an industrial wastewater
b) On-site treatment with a portable groundwater
treatment system and discharge to surface or groundwater.
c) Discharge to a sanitary sewer system.  Treatment
through an oil/water separator may be required by the owner of
the sanitary system.  Wastewater Disposal.  Provide a holding tank for
wastewater.  Wastewater is any water which has been in contact
with significant quantities of fuel such as water collected
from tank sumps, equipment drains, and equipment sumps.
Ensure that tank construction conforms to federal and state
environmental requirements.  Provide a means to remove
wastewater for off-site disposal.
Underground Storage Tanks  Design Requirements.  All underground and cut and
cover storage tanks are to be double wall type.  For
underground storage tanks larger than 110 gallons (420 L), the
following are required by 40 CFR 280:
a) Corrosion protection for tanks and associated
underground piping.
b) High level alarm.

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