Quantcast Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS)

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DoD. It is available at no cost. UFGS is a performance-based specification system, rather
than a products-based system; references to manufacturers are
discouraged in most cases. It is intended to identify salient features
and requirements, and to permit any manufacturer or vendor to
provide materials or products which comply with those requirements
in accordance with Government mandates for nonrestrictive
solicitation. Some COE Districts and their clients provide versions of
UFGS specifically tailored for their needs; AR is one of these. In most
cases the tailored versions do not include all specification sections.
The following UFGS versions may be required for a complete AR
project specification (links to all of these can be found at
www.lrl.usace.army.mil/ed/specs/cegs/specs.htm). UFGS is the base document from which all versions are
adapted, and includes almost all specifications which will be required
for a complete specification. It will be the source for sections not
included in the AR-tailored version, and may be obtained at
www.ccb.org/ufgs/ufgs.htm. UFGS Army Reserve Support Guide Specifications (RST
or MDS) are the UFGS Sections modified and edited to reflect
minimum standards of quality for AR projects. They may also contain
references to manufacturers and model numbers, as well as additional
technical and quality assurance features. These are the preferred
specification sections for use on AR projects and may be downloaded
from www.lrl.usace.army.mil/ ed/specs/rst/mds.htm. Some COE Districts also have CEGS versions tailored to
their preferences and experience, such the CEGS Louisville District
Guide Specifications (LRL). These may be preferred for non-RST
Sections by the Districts that maintain them. They may be requested
from the appropriate district. For Louisville District, see
www.lrl.usace.army.mil/ed/specs/cegs/si.htm. Occasionally a project may require a specification section
not provided by UFGS. In such cases the designer may use
commercial or in-house specifications.
3.11.2 SpecsIntact The Using Service generally requires that AR specifications
be prepared using SpecsIntact software. SpecsIntact is free software
and can be downloaded at www.ccb.org/ufgs/ufgs.htm.
UFC 4-171-05

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